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Carol Bartholomew
11 February 1960
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Currently I teach English to Navajo high school students who need a bit of extra help managing the ins and outs of English. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Yemen ('84-'86). I have a bachelor's degree in Music Ed. (vocal emphasis) and a Master's in TESOL. I've been thinking of working on a doctorate in linguistics, but I haven't found the time or energy yet to make that a reality. I attempt to write speculative fiction (novels and shorts). I play the online MUD Gemstone IV, but that's really the only one of that sort of thing I play. I belong to the SCA and Eastern Star. I am a Christian who attempts to live as Christian a life as I can, though like everyone, I am not perfect. I have certain areas that give me more trouble than others. I have an ISFJ personality. I am diabetic.

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carolhelga is a teacher, a writer, a dreamer. She enjoys music, both to perform and to listen to.
Strengths: Kind, animal lover, patient.
Weaknesses: Diabetic, snide at times, prone to procrastination and laziness.
Special Skills: Writes, sings, plays several instruments.
Weapons: Satire, sarcasm, quick to pull a pun.
Best Known For: Being taller than most.

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